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MANAGER´S ACADEMY I Managerial Skills in ENGLISH language

Goals of the Academy:

  • To help new managers at the beginning of their work 
  • To gain a complete picture of managerial roles 
  • To learn the techniques of managerial work on practical examples 
  • Learn to solve typical managerial situations 
  • To build the right managerial attitudes 

For whom the program is intended:

Program is suitable for new managers of all fields and levels, team leaders, group leaders and managers with short leadership practice.

Program 2+2 days:

Module 1 – Transition and start tactics
  • Basic mistakes in a new position 
  • Defining all managerial roles and responsibilities 
  • Test – Our own managerial typology
  • What are the typical managerial roles
  • Building authority in leadership 
Module 2 - Leadership
  • Analysis of the current leadership style 
  • Leadership styles and how to use them
  • How to set and communicate goals 
  • Situational leading style
  • Feedback – praise and positive criticism
  • Delegation of tasks
Module 3 – Communication in the workplace
  • Communication channels in the company
  • Information and disinformation
  • Crisis, operational and preventive communication
  • Practical use of body language 
  • Personal interview, Win-Win communication
Module 4 – Motivating coworkers
  • Value systems and their importance
  • Individual and team motivation
  • Demotivation and how to prevent it
  • Types of employees
  • How to prepare motivated workplace
  • Motivational tools
Module 5 – Time management
  • Time consuming habits 
  • Prioritization of activities
  • Tasks 
  • Paret´s rule in practice
  • Planning of managerial activities
  • Technical tools for effective work
Module 6 – Meetings and appointments
  • Meeting as a tool of leadership
  • Techniques for meetings
  • Time schedule of meetings
  • Efficient use of time in meetings
  • Typology of meeting participants
  • Managing discussion
  • How to prepare for a meeting
  • Completion of the program, action plan


Training is always supported by 20minutes phone coaching for better effectivity and application of new skills into practice.

Individual feedback, summary report:

The company will receive detailed individual feedback report for each trainee.

Education methods:

  • 60% of time is being used to simulate practical situations 
  • 3-4 trainings per day with different focus 
  • 26 trainings and simulations during all 6 modules 
  • trainer feedback, peer review and self-reflection are important part of the training 
  • training is conducted in coaching style putting responsibility and independence onto the trainees





2+2 dny, 28 hodin

POZOR! Kurz se skládá celkem ze 4 dnů školení.

Začátek a konec školení: 9,00 - 16,30 hodin
Místo konání: Cadet Go, Antala Staška 34, Praha 4

Školení probíhá v anglickém jazyce.

Cena bez DPH

19 900,- / 1 osoba
19 300,- / 2 osoby
18 900,- / 3 osoby z firmy

V ceně pracovní materiály, občerstvení, kurzovné, Fix-Coaching


Daniela Sedloňová, Ing.

Daniela Sedloňová, Ing.


Každému účastníkovi našeho otevřeného školení poskytujeme individuální podporu po telefonu s cílem upevnit nové dovednosti do denní praxe. Co je Fix-Coaching ?


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