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The art of selling - How to increase sales results in English

Goals of the training:

  • Learn how to successfully sell yourself, your products or services
  • Get rid of nervousness and fear of selling
  • Understand the needs and values ​​of customers and clients
  • Effectively communicate with customers
  • Create an enabling environment to help maximize collaboration and results
  • To adopt the sales process
  • Learn the most effective selling methods

The training is intended for: 

Sales and Account Managers (new in the position as well as for experienced ones) and for all those who are interested in selling techniques and want to improve their business skills.


  • What is sales
  • Fear and negative beliefs associated with sales
  • Motivation and goals of sales people
  • Sales cycle
  • Finding and addressing potential clients
  • Structure of the call
  • Building relationships and trust
  • Cultural and personality diversity and its impact on closure
  • Effective communication: how to ask questions, identify needs and listen
  • Sales interview - Presentation / Demo
  • Selling methods
  • Subliminal decision-making and emotion functions
  • Solving objections
  • Closing 
  • Follow up
  • Action Plan - First steps in practice


  • Theory and explanation
  • Brainstorming
  • Sharing experiences
  • Simulation of sales negotiations on an example
  • Practice and simulation of sales situations in pairs / teams
  • Feedback
  • Personal development plan


Whether you are heading into a sales position or not, this course will help you better understand others. It will improve your communication skills and you will be able more easily to win over others for your ideas, products and services. The course is interactive with the use of model situations from practice and provides the key to success in your business endeavor.


1 den, 8 hodin
Začátek a konec školení: 9,00 - 16,30 hodin
Místo konání: Cadet Go, Antala Staška 34, Praha 4

Školení probíhá v anglickém jazyce.

Cena bez DPH

V ceně pracovní materiály, občerstvení, Fix-Coaching


Daniela Sedloňová, Ing.

Daniela Sedloňová, Ing.


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